Sermon 3 Mar 2019

His story – Week 2 – The fall

Gen 3: 1-13
In Genesis 3 we read about the fall of humankind, the moment where Adam and Eve rebelled against God by doing that which He had asked them not to do. In that moment God’s good creation and order were … Read the rest

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Sermon 24 Feb 2019




His Story – Week 1 – The beginning

In the beginning God . . .
Read Genesis 1 all the way through

The book of Genesis starts with the premise of God. It shows us that God is an uncreated being, who
has and will exist for eternity.

Gen 1:2, Read the rest

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Sermon 18 Nov 2018


Philippians 2: 12-14



Philippians: Building a character that can know contentment in any Circumstance (4:12)

  • Struggles (1:30) can help grow our character, if we navigate them well.
  • Paul, in his letter to the Philippians is helping us navigate a struggle well.



Philippians 2:12-13

  • A tension
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Sermon 11 Nov 2018



Phil 2:1-11



Christ’s example of humility helps us navigate a struggle well


Phil 2:1-5 A ‘struggle’ produces relational pressure

Paul’s appeal to this church in the midst of their struggle is to

  • Verse 2: Be like minded, love, be one in spirit
  • Verse 3:
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Sermon 04 Nov 2018


Don’t waste your struggle


Paul and the church at Philippi are in the midst of a struggle (Phil 1:30)

Paul writes this letter because he has learnt the secret of contentment (4:12)
He knows that struggles, trials and tests have a unique and important part to play in … Read the rest

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Sermon 30 Sep 2018

Weakness and Wonder


We are sign posts to God not only by what we do but also by how we do it.

2 Cor 12:1-6 Paul boasts in his weakness
• Paul was a competent and confident follower of Jesus.
• And yet he clearly had areas of his … Read the rest

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Sermon 07 Oct 2018

Spirit and Truth


John 4:24 Jesus worshippers must worship in Spirit and Truth.


Eph 4:11-13
Jesus desire is for the whole church to grow up into the fullness of maturity.
• Jesus does not want us to continually stumble over the same things nor find ourselves captive to … Read the rest

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